Justice in Modern Times?

January 6, 2015

st0105-02Rampant protests, violent encounters, and vicious public rage have sparked national debate over the recent controversies involving police departments and victims. With the infamous last names of Ferguson and Brown thrown around like commonalities, any innocent bystander is unknowingly pulled into the discussion.

Yes, racism is still prevalent today, in society. However, are these recent domestic and international protests justified?

Across several cities and states, people have gathered to protest and demonstrate their ire, oftentimes violently. In recent cases, protesters have lined up along freeways to stop civilian traffic or have joined the mob mentality in burning and looting stores on the street.

Such protesters have called on the First Amendment to justify their actions and have been spreading their messages of hatred toward enforcement to instigate more action. In extreme cases, police officers have been murdered as a result of this wild, illogical storm.

At the end of the day, these officers are not there to harass people with tickets or to use their weapons against people of different races. They risk their lives every day to protect and serve the civilians against criminals and people who deserve consequences by the law.

There is no doubt that there are several police officers who may behave and think outside what is expected of them morally or ethically; however, what group does not possess the few that behave radically from the expected norm?

Although Officer Wilson’s murder may not have been necessary, he made a decision that he felt was correct at the time. It was a reaction to fear, spurred by his tendency to act accordingly.

Can he really be blamed for it?

Regardless, Wilson killed another human being. For the crime itself, punishment should be considered and violators of similar crimes should be reprimanded for behaving recklessly. I am hoping the violence stops at a certain point because it is ruining the moral purity of society and slowing our progress as a nation. With that said, protesters are also wrong. Standing on the streets and blocking civilians will not fix this drastic issue and will only lead to more unnecessary riots. Progressive negotiations and constant transparency of court cases is necessary to prevent future cases like these.

Justice is not a result, but a process.


st0105-02-1 Hannah Kim
Santa Margarita Catholic High school 11th Grade

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