[LA Times] A Korean community in ruins after the Blue Cut fire: ‘We’ve traveled the world only to end up in hell’

October 13, 2016

[Photo credit : Los Angeles Times]

[LA Times] Sarah Choi stood in the rubble, weeping, as her husband propped up an orange tent.

The couple had traveled decades ago from their native South Korea to Canada and then from one state in the U.S. to the other, looking for their “heavenly place.” In Southern California’s high desert, they found what some called the Korean Valley.

There, said Michael Choi, 74, they were told they could farm the land, growing vegetables and working into their 90s if they wanted.

In August, the Blue Cut fire turned their heavenly place into a giant ashtray of charred trees, shrubs and homes.

“We’ve traveled the world ,” Sarah Choi, 70, said, “only to end up in hell.” [Read More]

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