[Forbes] 10 Colleges whose students almost always repay debts

May 14, 2015


Princeton University (Courtesy of Harshil Shah via Flickr/Creative Commons)

Princeton University (Courtesy of Harshil Shah via Flickr/Creative Commons)

[FORBES]  How do you determine the value of a college education?

As the cost of college skyrockets and each graduating class comes out more indebted than the last, it’s a question that has grown in importance in recent years — and, maddeningly, a question that doesn’t have a clear-cut answer. Some sources have sought to determine a college’s value by looking at the salaries its alumni stand to make; others look at the rates of happiness at a school; others insist that alumni giving rates tell you everything you need to know.

And now, The Brookings Institution has jumped into the mix with a value calculation of their own — one that, crucially, includes student loan repayment rates.

Sorting the list of nearly 3,000 four-year degree-granting institutions based on value-added to mid-career earnings produces a list of names that will sound familiar to anyone who regularly reads the rankings that Forbes, U.S. News and others produce each year: MIT, Caltech, Stanford, Harvey Mudd, Rice and many others. But controlling for student loan repayment rates — that is, sorting the list based on schools that offer the best value-add when it comes to students’ ability to repay their student loans — produces a very different looking list. [READ MORE]