First-generation K-pop idol group Click B to come back after 13 years

August 27, 2015
Click B (Yonhap)

Click B (Yonhap)

First-generation K-pop idol group Click B is making a comeback after 13 years, Yonhap reported.

According to DSP Media, all seven original members will join in the comeback and are working on releasing an album toward the end of the year.

After debuting under DSP in 1999, Click B saw success with “Dreaming” and “Cowboy” before four members parted from the group in 2002.

In 2013, the group stood on stage at a DSP artist concert, “DSP Festival,” without Yoo Ho-seok, who was serving his military service.

“Although all the members are currently with different agencies, they are considering releasing the album under DSP,” a DSP representative said.