Firm representing EXO’s Luhan says he was treated unfairly

October 10, 2014
EXO member Luhan (Yonhap)

EXO member Luhan (Yonhap)

The law firm representing EXO-M member Luhan have spoken regarding his lawsuit for contract termination against SM Entertainment Friday, Yonhap reported.

The 24-year-old singer hired Hankyul, the same firm used by former EXO-M member Kris — who filed the same lawsuit in May earlier this year — calling for an invalid contract. The Seoul Central District Court confirmed the case Friday.

EXO debuted with 12 members in 2012, split into two sub-units.

The firm stated, according to Yonhap:

SM treated EXO-K, which is comprised of all Korean members, and EXO-M, which has Chinese members in it, differently.

Right after debut, EXO-K received full support from SM and were busy with activities, but EXO-M got no financial support or activities and had difficult times. EXO-M members had more restricted personal lives than EXO-K members and saw shorter vacations.

Luhan has received his earnings without knowing exactly why they were deducted and how much SM spent on activities for the band. Compared with the intensity of the work and his role as a member of EXO, and taking into account the success of the group, his earnings are excessively small.

In filming commercials, Luhan had a comparatively larger role than other members, but without considering those details, earnings were evenly split between all members. We cannot say that is fair.

On Friday, SM stated through a press release that Luhan is putting forth his personal profit after gaining popularity through the band.

Meanwhile, EXO-M member Lay posted a message of support on his Weibo Friday saying, “Friend, goodbye. When there’s a chance, let’s perform together! As a brother, I will support your decision. Best wishes.”