Environment Change

August 28, 2017

by Jina Kang, Walter Reed Middle School 7th Grade

Problems consistently arise and those are not just problems in our everyday life such as a flat tire or forgetting something at home. Some of the problems we face today may damage the whole planet and everyone in it. This is why we need to address global warming as a serious issue and solutions should be found.

Nuclear power might be more useful since it plays an essential role reducing greenhouse gases and runs continuously. On the other hand, sun and wind is completely unpredictable. For now, we know that nuclear power has a perfectly straightforward safety record. It has never injured anyone from when it was first invented. However, some people disagree. Others say that nuclear power is much too expensive and at the same time we are not embracing renewable energy. Nuclear plants under construction in the United Stated is expected to pay $8 billion to $9 billion each. In addition, Japan’s Fukushima plant leaked radiation- contaminated water which poisoned the surrounding areas and continuously leaked for 5 years.

“Issue Overview: Solar Energy,” demonstrates alternatives to decreasing global warming. Solar energy had been reliable until an increase in the amount of investments in renewable energy led to a severe downfall of solar energy. The federal rules announced in August 2015 that states need to cut down carbon emissions which probably encouraged investments in renewable energy. However, renewable energy may not be reliable when the sun is not shining. If we inform people about global warming, we may have more people use solar energy.

Nuclear power and solar energy are only some of the many ways we can fix global warming. Lighting, heating, and cooling systems can be more energy efficient with improved building designs. The U.S should also put more funds into research on energy technologies. If there is extra money put into making more advanced technology that will achieve increased energy efficiency, global warming might be better.
Global warming might be benefited with more solutions and successful inventions. However, none of this can happen without the help of people around the world. The federal government has favored nuclear power and solar energy, but renewable energy became more efficient and begun to receive support. We need to choose between using nuclear power or solar energy and renewable energy. Therefore, global warming must be addressed.

* Here is the source for the image that I sent along with my essay: ?https://letters2president.org/letters/17767


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