Did Park Jeong-ah really slap co-star during reality show?

September 18, 2014

(screen capture)

A sneak preview for the reality television program “Road to Beauty” has viewers riled up after it showed an actress slap a co-star. Dong-A Ilbo, Sports Chosun, Sports Seoul and many other Korean media outlets have covered it as a real incident, but the photos were provided by the show.

The new show, which is shot in Paris, features three female celebrities attempting to win the affections of the same man. The preview for the second episode, which airs Thursday, shows actress Seo Ji-hye, 31 and singer Park Jeong-ah, 34, in a heated argument.

It’s then that Park slaps Seo. The male lead, actor Kim Bo-seong, attempts to mediate.

Some netizens, however, are convinced that the fight was fake, and an attempt to draw viewers to the JTBC program, and it appears that viewers will have to wait to find out.