Daum-Kakao to launch news service, challenge web giant Naver

September 18, 2014
Daum-Kakao announced its merging in May.

Daum-Kakao announced its merging in May.

Mobile application giant Daum-Kakao is looking to launch a new mobile news application dubbed “Kakao Topic,” sources said Thursday.

Much like the Facebook app Paper, Kakao Topic will aim to serve as a paper viewed on mobile phones, and provide the latest news content, including videos and photos.

Many are wondering how the app will compare to Naver’s Newsstand, for which news organizations are required to sign contracts with the nation’s largest web portal.

Reports cited the company as saying the app will go through a test period and go online by the end of September.

It’s been exactly one year since the company launched the mobile application “Kakao Music.”