Councilman Ryu investigates, criticizes LA’s sidewalk repair program

November 21, 2015

Councilman David Ryu

By Brian Han

Councilman David Ryu raised issue with Los Angeles’ current handling of sidewalk repairs that has so far cost $15 million in taxpayer money.

The Korean American politician has spoke about and exhibited a very hands on approach during his short time in office.

Most recently, a team of his aides went to check out the progress of these sidewalk repairs in Ryu’s district, which spans from Sherman Oaks to Silver Lake. After analyzing the photos, there seemed to be a problem — or a lack of one.

“We can’t find where the damage is,” Ryu said during a City Council hearing.

According to his observations, sidewalks that have “minimal or almost no damage” are being torn up and reconstructed.

A city report released earlier in November listed almost 160 sidewalks that had already been repaired while over 400 still remain.

City Engineer Gary Moore took issue with the criticisms and explained during the hearing that even though the sidewalks might seem okay to the average passerby, his team needs to replace entire areas because they don’t meet regulatory standards.

“Although there is legal reasoning as to why many sidewalks need to be repaired, we should be more strategic when it comes to repairing the massive backlog of damaged sidewalks,” Ryu responded.

He also suggested that instead of focusing only on sidewalks in front of city-owned buildings, some of the funds and efforts should be redirected toward those in front of residential and commercial properties as well.