Comedians parody TV blockbuster ‘Misaeng’ in new series

December 21, 2014


The hit television series “Misaeng” will be parodied in a comedy called “Misaengmool” ― which means “microorganism” in Korean ― starting in January.

Comedians and other celebrities will take the roles played by the stars of the original hit. Those involved in the original Misaeng include Im Si-wan, a member of idol boy band “ZE:A,” and actress Kang So-ra.

Former idol boy band Sechs Kies member Jang Soo-won ― whose robot-like wooden acting earned him the popular nickname “god of acting” ― plays Jang Geu-rae (originally Im) in the parody.

Jang Do-yeon, from the television show “Comedy Big League,” plays Jang’s female partner Ahn Young-mi (originally Kang).

The “Misaengmool” plot reportedly follows that of the original, but with Jang playing a former idol wannabe who crawls into a corporate environment.

According to director Baik Seung-ryong, the show depicts how Jang “evolves from a microorganism into a more complex organism.”

Baik is the creative brain behind the network’s live comedy show “SNL Korea.”

Two episodes of Misaengmool will air on Jan. 2.