Canceled Korean concerts anger LA fans

October 14, 2015
Kim Bum-soo concert poster

Kim Bum-soo concert poster

By Kim Hyung-jae

A string of canceled and postponed Los Angeles concerts by South Korean musical acts have angered fans.

Fans who bought tickets priced upwards of $100 to $200 to see famous ballader Kim Bum-soo live at Pechanga Resort & Casino this past weekend were disappointed to find out that they would not be seeing the singer as promised.

YM Entertainment posted an announcement for the concert’s postponement, citing issues with receiving Kim’s performance visa, the day before the first event.

In a video message, Kim issued an apology to his fans.

“Isn’t this a problem with his agency, for not being able to handle acquiring his performance visa?” one Korean local who had been planning to attend the concert said. “That they announced cancellation a day before the concert is making a mockery of fans.”

Another event expected inside The Forum on Oct. 24, this one a “super concert” featuring K-pop singers of the 1990s — S.E.S., Jinusean, Cool, DJ DOC, Jo Sung-mo, Clon, Chuli and Miae — as well as girl group A Pink, has been postponed to January next year.

“There were apparently issues getting performers’ visas on time, so I’ve heard they are pushing back the concert. This is a problem for us as well,” an employee at the ticket distribution company handling the event said.

Kim Sung-hwan, an attorney, said the problem lies with agencies who do not properly inspect their artists for previous performance visa issues that may prevent them from receiving a valid visa.

In June, a Lee Seung-chul concert was similarly canceled due to visa problems.