Billboard Magazine praises Hi Suhyun K-pop duo

November 21, 2014
(Courtesy of YG Family)

(Courtesy of YG Family)

American music magazine Billboard has given a big shout-out to “Hi Suhyun,” the song duo from Korea’s most popular TV talent quest “Superstar K.”

Lee Hi, 19, and Lee Su-hyun, 16, who have signed with YG Entertainment, have stunned viewers with their vocal skills. On Nov. 11, Hi Suhyun released their first digital offering, “I’m Different.”

“They’ve racked up four No. 1s on the K-Pop Hot 100 and both landed themselves on Billboard’s Under 21 list,” said the magazine on Wednesday.”You’d be hard pressed to find a pairing more full of promise, with a duet that captures their unique energies.”