Behind the story: health of middle-aged women depends on butt muscles

October 8, 2014


KBS-TV’s “Mysteries of the Human Body” suggested that the health of middle-aged women depends on their butt muscles.

According to the segment aired on Wednesday night in Korea, weakened butt muscles affects a body’s balance and causes back pain, as they act as a connector of the top and bottom halves of the body.The program discussed the importance of butt muscles and demonstrate exercises for a healthy butt.

As people age, their muscle mass decreases, especially in the buttocks and lower half of the body. Without exercise, butt muscles become weaker and weaker and cause backs to hunch. Unhealthy muscles also lead to weaker bones, increasing chances of osteoporosis and falling.

Experts say training a large muscle like the butt muscle is also effective in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

Producers asked two women in their 50s to do exercises to strengthen their butt muscles for two weeks, and revealed just how those exercises changed both women’s muscle mass and bone density levels.