Anonymous wages ‘war’ on ISIS

December 22, 2015
Yinghan Leo Tang  Orange Lutheran High  10th grade

By Yinghan Leo Tang
Orange Lutheran High
10th grade

The recent terrorist attack in Paris have resulted in more than 100 deaths. It shocked the world and an increasing number of people are starting to pay more attention to the center player of the attack, ISIS.

The attack also brought attention from another organization, Anonymous. This organization started with a bunch of hackers and gamers who insist on network transparency. They support Wikileaks, which is a nonprofit Internet organization.

They said since ISIS started a war on the Internet, they have wiped out 149 websites, more than 100 thousand twitter accounts, about 5,900 ISIS videos, and even some locations of ISIS terrorists. They claim that this is going to be the biggest Internet assault in history.

In response to Anonymous, ISIS announced that Anonymous is a bunch of “idiots.” They question whether Anonymous can do anything else besides hacking Twitter accounts and websites.

Recently, it has been discovered that the vast majority of Twitter accounts targeted by Anonymous are not related to ISIS at all. It is possible that the Twitter accounts they targeted belonged to anti-ISIS individuals, journalists, and academics, because as they tried to report that many accounts, it was difficult to make sure that everything they found actually came from ISIS accounts.

Furthermore, one user on Twitter called th3j35t3r has publicly posted about Anonymous and its accusing innocent people. He also claims that ISIS uses Anonymous just to get more attention. A new Twitter account can be created instantly, so it doesn’t really matter if ISIS loses a Twitter account.

The FBI and Twitter are not taking Anonymous’ reports anymore citing inaccuracy.

They might be doing more harm than good.


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