AKMU returns to its early music style with ‘Love Lee’

August 21, 2023

AKMU, the brother-sister music duo known for its witty lyrics and cheerful melodies, returned Monday with a single that harks back to the music style of its early years.

Leading “Love Lee,” the single album set to drop at 6 p.m., is a feel-good love song of the same name infused with the duo’s bright and vibrant energy.

The title is a play on words that ambiguously combines the word “lovely,” with the sibling’s family name “Lee.”

K-pop sibling duo AKMU is seen in this photo provided by YG Entertainment. (PHOTO NTO FOR SALE) (Yonhap)
K-pop sibling duo AKMU is seen in this photo provided by YG Entertainment. (PHOTO NTO FOR SALE) (Yonhap)

“Last year, I released a solo album and did everything that I wanted to do experimenting with various things,” the elder brother and songwriter Lee Chan-hyuk said during a press conference held at the headquarters in Seoul of YG Entertainment, the duo’s agency.

“And then I decided to make this album out of the thought that we should release songs that people can enjoy happily before AKMU gets older.”

The younger sister Lee Su-hyun said she was the one who pleaded with Chan-hyuk to return to the music style of the duo’s early years.

“The more I worked as AKMU, the more difficult it became to match Chan-hyuk’s style,” she confessed. “So this time, I insisted on making the music I wanted. I said, ‘I don’t want to take any more challenges. Let’s go back to 10 years ago.’”

She mentioned she personally likes cheerful songs like the team’s 2014 hit song “200%.”

“I think not only I but also many fans have been eagerly awaiting songs in our early music style,” she added.

For Chan-hyuk, who enjoys experimenting with music from various genres, reviving the group’s previous music style was a “challenge.”

So, he tried to put many things down and enjoy the process of making the new album.

He described the song “Love Lee” as a kind of a sequel to “200%.”

Su-hyun agreed, saying: “If ’200%’ was grape-flavored ice cream, this time it’s strawberry-flavored ice cream.”

The subtrack, whose title translates as “Fried Egg’s Dream,” is a song featuring a bouncy synth sound and a highly addictive chorus. The lyrics personify a fried egg and incorporate a message of comfort.

The tune now faces its official release, with steady support from fans since it was first introduced during a concert by the duo in 2014, according to YG.

“We never expected the song would officially be released, but I recently discovered that Su-hyun was living a life identical to that of the song’s speaker. She’s living just like the lyrics, saying, ‘I just want to remain sprawled like this’ and ‘I’m going to stay in bed.’ That’s why we decided to release the song at this time,” Chan-hyuk said, laughing.

Su-hyun had earlier revealed in a TV variety show that she considered retiring due to a slump two years ago.

“I’m still in the process of overcoming the slump,” she said when asked about the remarks. “My brother has encouraged me to find joy in music through this latest album.”

Chan-hyuk said the duo will now focus on creating music that the public enjoys.

“I felt like I pushed too hard (for what I wanted to do). I felt partly responsible for Su-hyun’s slump. So, we discussed and decided to head in the future direction of making music that the public likes.”