[abc.net.au] How Sam Hammington became a big TV star in South Korea

September 22, 2014


Sam Hammington (Yonhap)

Sam Hammington (Yonhap)

[abc.net.au] How does a former Australian exchange student become the king of comedy on South Korean television?

“It wasn’t something that I planned,” said Sam Hammington, 37, who speaks fluent Korean. “It was just something I fell into.”

Hammington originally went to South Korea 13 years ago as an exchange student after studying business and marketing and Korean at Swinburne University of Technology.

He was discovered purely by chance when he attended a live comedy show in Seoul and there was a call for a member of the audience to come up on stage and take part in a skit.

“I put my hand up and it was such a novelty when a Korean-speaking foreigner got up,” he said. [READ MORE]