Yoo ah in! Stars face conscription this year

January 13, 2016
From top, Yoo Ah-in, Lee Seung-gi and Joo Won.

From top, Yoo Ah-in, Lee Seung-gi and Joo Won.

A handful of popular male actors are expected to serve mandatory military service this year.

Yoo Ah-in, 30, is most likely to serve, according to media reports.

With his SBS TV drama “Six Flying Dragons” scheduled to end before April, he is expected to receive notice of conscription before June.

He reportedly will no longer be able to delay entering the military unless he has some exceptional reasons.

Yoo has been active in theaters and on TV screen throughout 2015, starring in the blockbuster action movie “Veteran,” which attracted a national audience of more than 13 million, and historical period drama “The Throne.”

Lee Seung-gi, 28, has crammed his work into early this year so he can enter the military before Chuseok holiday season in September, according to a report, quoting an associate of the star. Lee is now shooting a movie.

Joo Won, 28, who won the “Grand Award” at the 2015 SBS Drama Grand Awards in December, is reportedly being “extra careful” about selecting his next drama or movie because he will probably have to enter the military.

Other top actors who are old enough but have not yet done military service include Lee Min-ho, 28, Jang Keun-suk, 28, and Kim Soo-hyun, 27.

Korean males aged 18-35 must serve 21 months in the military.