[WSJ] In Korea, It’s Spam Time of Year

September 4, 2014
Spam gift sets are hot in Korea at this time of the year. (Newsis)

Spam gift sets are hot in Korea at this time of the year. (Newsis)

[THE WALL STREET JOURNAL] For many Westerners, Spam raises questions about the definition of food. It’s seen by some as a mountain cabin survival product that sits at the bottom of the cupboard on standby for the zombie apocalypse. The subject of a farcical Monty Python sketch in 1970, Spam is a perpetual source of culinary comedy.

Yet Spam ranks alongside premium beauty products, fine cuts of beef and pricey imported wine in South Korea.

This week, in the final days before Korea’s Chuseok fall holiday period, crowds have been filling department stores in a dizzying rush to purchase gift sets for relatives and colleagues – and one of the most popular choices is Spam.

“Beef and fruit go rotten quickly. I bought Spam as a gift for my brother-in-law because he likes meat. It’s more useful,” said Kim Dong-hwan, a 38-year-old wine salesman living in Seoul. [READ MORE]

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