Will Donald Trump‘Make America Great Again’

December 19, 2016


Yeil Lee  Brea Olinda High School 10th Grade

Yeil Lee
Brea Olinda High School
10th Grade

“Make America Great Again” – Donald Trump’s main idea of his campaign sparked a sense of a new nation into the lives who believe in equal rights and freedom. But most importantly a drastic amount of people started to believe the idea of recreation in the government and changes that would affect primarily the non-immigrants. This leads to the expectations of Trump’s presidency, whether or not Donald Trump would bring the changes into our society or would it just become one of the promises that would later just fade.
There is no denial of Donald Trump’s successes and accomplishments in the field of business. Even though he got his inheritance from his father, he remarkably doubled that inheritance. Now using the skills that he accomplished in business, Donald Trump successfully organized the economy trend and the market stocks. DOW Jones Industrial Average surged more than 1 percent with financial and health care leading them into high record in stock values after the unexpected outcome of the president election. This was just a start of the economic boon in Trump’s presidency. Not only is the economic trend and market becoming stabilized but jobs are also likely to be saved.

After a month of the outcome of the president election, Carrier Corporation was to scrap out all of its remaining factories and plants in Indianapolis, moving to Mexico where the labor of the workers are cheaper than America. However, by the action of Donald Trump negotiating with the Carrier Corporation and deciding upon the settlement in America, he saved 1,100 jobs in Indianapolis and his policies continued to support the environments of the jobs. Donald Trump having an experience in business, would convince the economy to maintain the values of the stock market and the phrase “Make America Great Again” would be able to achieve in the economic society.

Foreign Affairs, one of the most complex objective a president has to work in order to reach peace and safety within the countries relationship. Within the recent or the past few months Donald Trump met with several presidents, such as the president of Russia, the president of Taiwan and the president of Mexico. The Trump Presidency will give a huge impact positively to the economy of America and the foreign accomplishments and thus accomplish the phrase “Make America Great Again”



  1. Jorge Cruz

    December 20, 2016 at 1:50 PM

    Naive, ill-informed and inaccurate. You should do more homework on how he runs his businesses. Look up the number of bankruptcies he has filed and the cost to his creditors. Look up the thousands of lawsuits from vendors that he fails to pay. Review the Carrier agreement- the number of jobs saved was actually closer to 800 not 1100. In return, the government is giving Carrier over $7 million per year in tax credits-approximately $10,000 per year per employee. In return, Carrier is taking that money and spending it on automating more functions to ultimately cut more jobs.Within the next 12-18 months. You drank the koolaid like a lot of other people but do your homework.

  2. kelly

    November 26, 2017 at 12:32 PM

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