Why You Should Own A Pet

January 3, 2017
Esther Hwang  Suzanne Middle School  8th grade

Esther Hwang
Suzanne Middle School
8th grade

Like 90% of pet owners, I consider my dog, Daebak, a member of my family. However, he isn’t always a good boy. On Saturday morning, I was watching my favorite TV show, per usual, when I heard a scratch at the door. I looked over, but it was already too late. Daebak’s leg was lifted and a golden stream was pouring onto the hardwood floor. I screamed and started the all too regular process of cleaning.

1. Grab a handful of paper towels.

2. Push him out of the way.

3. Wipe the mess and throw it away.

4. Clean the floor with water.

5. Throw it away and wash my hands.

6. Then, of course, rekindle my relationship with Daebak.

Despite this little wrinkle in our relationship, my dog has taught me more than I ever could’ve imagined. I’m sure that the 60% of dog and cat owners in the world will agree that they have learned from their pet as well. The benefits that come with owning a pet consist of learning responsibility, empathy, protection, and leadership. As a middle schooler, I don’t have many responsibilities, especially when it comes to taking care of another living being. However, when it comes to Daebak, I’m in charge of feeding him, cleaning up after him, and exercising him. This responsibility has forced me to mature and grow far beyond my middle school years. In fact, I believe Daebak is helping me learn maternal instincts. Recently, I chased away a coyote that was trying to harm my precious dog. I never thought I would be brave enough to stand up to a vicious animal, but my love for Daebak inspired me. It is amazing that something that can’t speak can teach a person so many things.



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