VIDEO: Footage of US, S. Korea large-scale military exercise released

August 28, 2015

By Brian Han

The U.S. and South Korea held large-scale military exercises on Aug. 18 when tensions were still high on the Korean peninsula. Footage of the training was released on Friday by Rider Eye, an aviation video production agency.

The drills began with theatrics, but quickly moved towards the use of weaponry including bombs dropped by F-4 fighter jets and heavy land-based artillery.

Although the North repeatedly condemned the South for conducting these exercises, political analysts believed that it was a form of intimidation to shy the North away from engaging in any real military combat.

The two countries decided to settle the inter-Korean conflict after a 60-hour marathon discussion in which the North agreed to express regret over the Aug. 4 landmine explosions, while the South stopped its loudspeaker propaganda campaign in the Demilitarized Zone.