‘Using personalization to offer better content’

November 7, 2013

By Park Ji-won

Park Tae-hoon

Park Tae-hoon

Park Tae-hoon, the 28-year-old CEO and founder of IT venture start-up Frograms, said he believes the power of the “cloud” for personalizing information could provide customers with great value in an era of excessive information.

“I found it difficult to find useful and perfect information for myself through big, portal sites because it produces an overwhelming amount of information. That insight was the start of our present business,” Park Tae-hoon said.

Frograms, founded in September 2011, runs a mobile application called “Whatcha” which selects movie choices for customers using its platform with personalized information. The application has some 350,000 members, as well as a 42 million “Thumbs-up” rating for records of movies gathered from customers, 4.7 times more than that of portal giant Naver.

“I realized that it is not about a university degree but the actual skill that can be applied directly to work while working for the game giant Nexen instead of performing military service. I realized I wanted to make a company, not be made by a company,” Park said.

With that in mind, he worked for three different venture companies following his freshman year at KAIST and was able to found a venture company providing recommendations in the form of coupons from social commerce sites. The firm “successfully” failed, according to him, and gave him a lesson ― do what you are good at, not what you want.

“I didn’t like the idea of putting so much attention on what other people think while working in those firms. So I decided to focus on individuals,” Park said.

The firm recently received 2.5 billion won ($2.35 million) in investments from three firms. It also has received 8 billion won as the first beneficiary company from K Cube Ventures, which was founded by Kakao Talk’s co-founder Kim Beom-soo to support start-ups.

The firm said it received several business proposals from other countries including Japan.

“In the near future, I want to be the best in giving recommendations to customers on any subject and do business overseas with our content,” Park added.

“I have a lot of interest in human beings. So when I face a gridlock, I directly ask our customers what the firm is missing to meet their needs. The answer is focus on individuals. That is what I believe in doing with this business and it helps us work harder,” Park added.

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