US Korean banks offer free wire transfers to Korea for Chuseok

September 10, 2015

A handful of Korean banks in the U.S. will offer free overseas wire transfers in time for Korean Chuseok, a harvest festival and one of the country’s biggest holidays.

Among the banks joining in on waiving transfer fees to Korea for a week or two this month are BBCN (Sept. 14 to 25), Wilshire (Sept. 19 to 26), Hanmi (Sept. 21 to 25), Shinhan (Sept. 16 to 26), Pacific City (Sept. 14 to 25), CBB (Sept. 21 to 25), Open (Sept. 21 to 25), UniBank (Sept. 14 to 25), Uniti and US Metro (Sept. 21 to 30).

Some are also offering free transfers to other regions, including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, India and Pakistan.

Uniti Bank, in particular, will offer free transfers to any place worldwide from Sept. 21 to Oct. 2.

Costs for wire transfers usually range between $18 to $35.