US Chinese companies search for Korean workers

October 16, 2015

An increasing number of Chinese businesses in the United States are looking to hire Korean workers.

Job Korea/China USA, in response, even opened a job fair with 10 Chinese companies with U.S. branches, including Weibo and Alibaba, inside Dream Wedding Hall Friday.

According to Brandon Lee, head of Job Korea/China USA, the interest in Korean workers — those who can communicate with a growing Korean American business community, especially with the increased attention on Korea as a result of Hallyu — has grown not just among Chinese businesses but also those from Japan and Southeast Asia.

“As we know from census data, there are an estimated 2 million Koreans in the U.S. That’s not an employee market you can ignore,” Lee said.

An international student who majored in asian studies at UC Riverside, identified as Kim, was hired by a Chinese marketing firm last month for its Korean department.

The company, seeing a need for the department after receiving a flood of promotion and event requests from Korean businesses, hired two other Korean employees.

Lee said Chinese companies have been more willing than American and Korean businesses to sponsor visas for those who need them.

“These opportunities can be advantageous to Korean international students, since they’re looking for fluent Korean speakers,” he said.

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    December 18, 2015 at 6:53 PM

    I’m Korean / American whom speck both language READ AND WRITE FULLEANTLY LOOKING FOR SECOND JOB if any available. Currently have own business as farmers growing Korean plum and have CA state
    LICENSE of Life insurance /Annuity working with company called Syncis as independent senior agent.
    As you can see both of the work that I do is on my own time so why not try different challenges of work and also very interested of geting in and learning Chinese markets and business so please email me if any opportunities are open.

    Thank you