Yoon’s office promises to seek institutional improvements after truckers vote to end strike

December 9, 2022

The office of President Yoon Suk-yeol said Friday the government will work to improve labor conditions and cultures while sticking to laws and principles after a cargo truckers union voted to end their weekslong strike.

Senior presidential secretary for press affairs Kim Eun-hye issued the statement shortly after the vote by the Cargo Truckers Solidarity Union.

“The collective action by the Cargo Truckers Solidarity Union caused astronomical damage to our economy and people’s livelihoods,” she said during a press briefing. “However, on the other hand, we all must use it as an opportunity to seek institutional improvements in the cargo industry.”

The strike was launched Nov. 24 to demand the government permanently extend a minimum wage system for truckers and expand its coverage to more drivers.

“The government will stick to the law and principles without wavering when it comes to labor-management issues, and do its best to secure jobs for young generations, improve the labor market’s dual structure and create a fair and future-oriented culture in labor and management,” Kim said.

When asked if the government will immediately begin talks with the union to find a compromise, a presidential official said it hopes a table for discussion will be set up as soon as the truckers return to work.

The government also believes the National Assembly will take appropriate steps to make institutional improvements in the cargo industry, the official said.