Tungsten in PCs and phones ‘can cause strokes’

November 14, 2013

By Isaac Kim

Tungsten, a common component in personal computers and phones, can induce strokes, reports Fox News reports.

University of Exeter researchers studied 8,600 people aged 18-74 for 12 years. The researchers monitored the tungsten concentration in urine samples and found that tungsten in the body can increase the chance of a stroke.

For each milligram of tungsten, the risk of getting a stroke doubles, especially for those under the age of 50, the researchers concluded.

Although the researchers could not pinpoint the exact reason for this, they believe tungsten inflames the brain, leaving a hereditary impact.

“Tungsten is an often-used metal in electronic devices, but it has not been studied well enough,” said lead researcher Dr. Jessica Tryell.

“There need to be measures to prevent the exposure of tungsten.”