Trump putting finances in a blind trust during presidency

January 26, 2017
Heejae Park  OCSA  9th grade

Heejae Park
9th grade

In early January, President-Elect Donald Trump held his very first press conference following the events of his election. In this conference, he mentioned multiple topics such as the conflicts regarding Russia’s potential hacks influencing the results of the election and more rising problems with the media. Throughout the course of the press conference, Trump’s business was mentioned. Trump then made a big announcement stating that control over his company was now to be handed over to his sons, Don and Eric, along with a very longtime Trump executive, Allen Weisselberg. They will have complete control over the entire company and Trump was not going to have any involvement with the company during the course of his presidency. It was said that this decision was made in order to ensure that the activities done by the Trump organization are not done so in order to exploit the office of President. Throughout the course of his presidency, President-Elect Trump will resign from any connections and involvements that he currently possesses with the Trump Organization.

Along with that decision, another choice was made to appoint an ethics adviser to the management team, in order to ensure that the Trump Organization works with the highest legal and ethical standards. The decision was made that in order to secure new deals, actions, and transactions that may be of some possible ethical concern, the written approval of this new ethics adviser must be provided in order to allow it to happen. All the entities of the Trump Organization have been moved to a trust prior to January 20th, and through the trust agreement, leadership and management of this organization has been given to Don, Eric, and Allen, in order to remove any suspicion of possible exploitation of the office of President.

These new decisions have been made by President-Elect Trump in hopes that it could lead to some potential improvement in the future. Throughout his position as president, he will no longer have any connections or involvement with the Trump Organization, and will leave all control and tasks of the company to his two children Don and Eric Trump, along with the longtime known Trump executive named Allen Weisselberg. An ethics adviser has been appointed in order to maximize efficiency concerning ethics. All in summary, all of these decisions have been made in hopes of improving the Organization and building credibility with the new President-Elect.



  1. Alex

    January 26, 2017 at 6:25 PM

    What was your source that this Trump’s trust was a blind trust? I’ve looked around, and NBC has the second most recent article on this (the 25th) which maintains that it is not a blind trust, which giving the trust to his sons and CFO implies.

  2. kelly

    November 26, 2017 at 12:09 PM

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