Trump calls Obamacare“Virtually Dead”

October 23, 2017

by Gina Kim / Beverly Hills HS12th Grade

In a Joint press conference with Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras on October 17, 2018, in the White House Rose Garden, President Trump directly stated Obamacare as “Virtually Dead.”

U.S. President Donald Trump urges every Democrat and Republican in Congress to follow and vote for the States to fund health care. President Trump stated that he wants to craft a short-term health care market under the 7-year-old law that was effectively sabotaged. Mentioning that the States can handle health care funds better than the “dead” and “gone” Obamacare.

“It’s dead. It’s gone. It’s no longer you shouldn’t even mention. It’s gone” said Trump as he is explained the former U.S. President Barack Obama’s healthcare law of 2010. Donald Trump plans on hosting a meeting to discuss between the democrats and republicans about the short-term fix with the current health care. He follows up with the certain aspects he wants to focus on, pointing at the lower prescription drug prices which he called “out of control.”

Without providing details about the prices and fixation he moved on to discuss his thoughts in stopping Obamacare’s federal subsidy payments to the insurer. He describes how he will pointedly design it to help lower-income people to afford health insurance and that stopping the subsidies he will cut off the “gravy train” for insurers. But on the other hand, the Democrats and some Republicans have claimed Trump’s move to cancel the payments would only hurt the poor and middle-class people resulting to cause premiums to soar.

On Friday, 18 states democratic attorneys general including Washington D.C filed a lawsuit in federal court in California to preserve the current payments. According to, although the American Health Care Act is cheaper than Obamacare it comes with many flaws: “Trumpcare is known to make poor people suffer more, only making big employers and rich people happy. There are still many sick and poor people in the country that need help, but Trumpcare is not on their side. The consumers will pay 30% more for one year, just in case they have a lapse in coverage for more than two months. In this case, those who cannot pay for healthcare services will get an additional cost barrier.”

Trump vowed during his 2016 presidential campaign to kill Obamacare but even his own fellow Republicans in Congress have been unable to pass legislation to replace it with a more limited health care program. According to, Congress voted 57-43 to reject the plan in the first vote on an amendment to the bill known as the Better Care Reconciliation Act.

Now the questions remain will Trump continue this determination to rip the head of a “virtually dead” health care or will he let it sit- With this repetition of the Congress voting to reject Trumps health care will he finally succeed in setting his goal to finally get rid of Obamacare- And will he get enough supporters to reach his goal?

Only time will tell.


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