This is what happens when you scream ‘Ebola’ on a plane

October 10, 2014

A man on a commercial airplane yelled that he had been infected by the Ebola virus, causing many onboard to panic.

US Airways Flight 845 from Philadelphia was on approach to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic when a passenger yelled, “I have Ebola!”

The flight crew responded by performing an emergency landing. After landing, a team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the Dominican Republic was sent onto the plane.

A flight attendant instructed the passengers to refrain from interfering with the inspection, and later commented, “I think the man that said this is an idiot.”

The team suited up in protective clothing then cleared the plane for inspection, according to the airline.

Passengers recorded videos as the group of four in hazmat gear walked down the aisle of the aircraft toward the man still insisting he had been contaminated.

“I’m not from Africa,” the man said as he was escorted out of the plane by the control crew.

Some passengers booed the man as he was taken from the airplane.