The ‘Royal’ Cuisine of Korea

October 10, 2013

YongSuSan Restaurant Offers Experience of King’s Table

YongSuSan Restaurant

YongSuSan Restaurant

LOS ANGELES – If you want to take important foreign guests to a Korean restaurant – to show them a little bit of Korean history, and perhaps even impress them – there’s probably no better place in Koreatown than YongSuSan restaurant.

After all, it’s ‘the Royal Cuisine of Korean Culture,’ or how kings ate at the palace back during the days of the Koryo Dynasty (918-1392).

“Imagine traveling back in time and dining at the table of ancient king,” their website says. It’s explained there that YongSuSan means “dragon water mountain,” which is the name of a mountain in Kaesung, the capital of ancient Koryo Dynasty. Their Master Chef and founder, Sang Oak Choi, was born and raised in that region to master Kaesung yori, or Kaesung-style cuisine, and Goongjung yori, Royal Court cuisine.

Their course menu, from the eight-course Bibimbap Table D’Hote, to the 16-course Hyang Table D’Hote, certainly provides interesting experiences, and their Bossam kimchi, literally translates to wrapped kimchi, is not only popular but visibly delightful and fun. You could say it’s like a surprise bag of kimchi.

The place is not only for those who want to take sweet time to eat like kings, however, as they also serve lunch specials, starting at $10.99.

They are also equipped with large banquet halls to host special events that include business meetings, wedding rehearsals, receptions, and birthday parties. A buffet menu of 26 different Korean, Japanese, and Chinese dishes is available for these occasions.

Catering is also available, and they are currently offering 20% discount on this service.

YoungSuSan is located on east side of Vermont Avenue (950 S. Vermont Ave.) just north of Olympic Boulevard.

For more information, visit or call (213) 388-3042


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