[The Guardian] Korean Thanksgiving: why honoring my mother trumps my vegetarianism

November 11, 2015
(Korea Times file)

(Korea Times file)

[The Guardian] As with many fellow first-generation kids I know, the cuisine of my parents’ home country played a huge role in influencing my Korean American palette.

My parents settled in NYC from Seoul in the 1980s, and growing up in our Queens apartment meant a rotating menu of traditional hangook fare, with the occasional chicken nuggets and cheese pizza thrown in.

Dinnertime staples included miyuk guk (seaweed soup), jja jang myun (black bean sauce noodles), japchae (fried sweet potato noodles), naeng myun (cold buckwheat noodles) and bibimbap (a spicy mixed rice dish), along with colorful refrigerated side dishes: banchan of spinach, kimchi, bean sprouts, fish, dried seaweed and pickled radishes.

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