Stop the Linsanity! Jeremy Lin’s hair evolving into something stranger

December 10, 2015
Charlotte Hornets' guard Jeremy Lin (Instagram)

Charlotte Hornets’ guard Jeremy Lin (Instagram)

By Brian Han

It might be time for the Charlotte Hornets to enforce a New York Yankees-esque appearance policy — at least for Jeremy Lin.

The 27-year-old guard updated his hairdo on Wednesday for a game against the Miami Heat. Instead of spikes, he opted for a flattened something else.

Granted this might not be the final form seeing as how he told his fans “wait until you see what’s next” on his Instagram.

Lin put up five points over 20 minutes last night, so let’s hope that his next look helps him play a little bit better.

At the very least, it might have provided enough of a distraction to help Charlotte in their 99-81 victory over Miami.