STEM Club making 3D progress in Irvine

October 17, 2016
Jason Chung  Lutheran High School of Orange County  12th

Jason Chung
Lutheran High School of Orange County

At our latest STEM Club meeting in Irvine, Calif., we had a total of 10 attendees. As we are working with new laptops, we had to install new software, SolidWorks 2011, which we use to draw. One of our members at STEM has come quite consistently, so he began to work on the advanced task (Name Tag). Another person finished the very first task (Draw the Dice) and started the next project, which is the wheel. The rest of the five remaining attendees who are not board members were completely new to the STEM meeting and thus downloaded SolidWorks and started on the Dice.

The STEM Club board members also made an announcement to the club members. Since all the board members are currently seniors and will graduate this year, they wanted some of the board members to success the positions and continue on the STEM club. Four people were interested, so they were assigned to come up with their own unique design that could be added to the curriculum for SolidWorks so that future students can draw it as well. Therefore, at the next meeting, the new board members will start teaching the others, including the former board members, and get used to the teaching atmosphere.


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