‘Smugglers’ wins best picture at Blue Dragon Awards

November 27, 2023

Director Ryoo Seung-wan’s crime action thriller “Smugglers” won best picture Friday at the Blue Dragon Awards, one of the most prestigious film awards in South Korea.

Set in the 1970s in a peaceful seaside village, “Smugglers” revolves around two female divers, played by Kim Hye-soo and Yum Jung-ah, who are unexpectedly tangled up in a high-stakes smuggling scheme.

Its intriguing crime plot, dynamic action scenes and good ensemble of veteran actresses received positive reviews from audiences and critics.

The best actor award went to Lee Byung-hun of the disaster thriller “Concrete Utopia” that centers on the residents of a lone apartment building that survived a catastrophic earthquake in Seoul.

Lee also received the same award from the Daejong International Film Awards earlier this month.

“Concrete Utopia” director Eom Tae-hwa brought home the best director award.

Jung Yu-mi clinched the best actress award for her role in Jason Yu’s horror-inflected thriller “Sleep.” Jung plays Soo-jin, who struggles to figure out the cause of her husband’s eccentric behaviors at night and increasingly develops supernatural beliefs to cure the symptoms of his sleepwalking.