Skin Cancer And How To Avoid It

July 5, 2016
Viola Shin Crescenta Valley High School 10th Grade

Viola Shin
Crescenta Valley
High School 10th Grade

Lately, tempera- tures have been rising and falling at unpredictable rates, making life difficult for us southern Califor- nians. However, we should all take precautions in protecting our- selves from skin cancer as the sun’ s rays intensify this summer.

Simply put, skin cancer is the abnormal and suddenly rapid growth of skin cells. Characteristi- cally, cancer is uncontrollable and, currently, incurable. However, this is not to say that there are no ways to prevent this often fatal disease.

The first, and most obvious, prevention tip would be in using sunscreen and a lot of it. Before you buy any, check the ingre- dients for“ avobenzone” ,“ ecamsule” , zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide. The first two screen UVA rays which are not always tar- geted in sunscreens. However, UVA rays are crucial in skin cancer so it is vital to protect yourself from these. The others are physical screens that protect your skin from all rays, both UVA and UVB.

Tanning beds have not been proven to be safer than natural tans. The studies conducted on those who regularly utilize tanning beds illustrate this idea with an in- creased 2.5 chance to get squamous cancer (the fastest spreading skin cancer) and 1.5 times more likely to get basal cancer (the most common skin cancer). Therefore, do be cautious in constant usage.

Coffee, surprisingly enough, has effects against this disease. It is not well researched as of yet with mostly only studies as evi- dence but it is suspected that the antioxi- dants it contains prevents the future onset of skin cancer, providing as much as a 5% decrease in developing skin cancers.

Even if you try all of these methods of precaution, the biggest and most important one would be to conduct monthly self- examinations. These tests can make the dif- ference between a surgically-removable and harmless growth and a fatal tumor. Monthly checks are simple and quick to perform and if there are any mysterious or unaccountable bumps, do not wait or ignore it. Go to your doctor immediately and have them looked over so that there are no future regrets and pains.

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