[Shanghaiist] Chinese woman nearly goes blind after 18-hour-long Korean drama marathon

March 9, 2016



(Korea Times file)

(Korea Times file)

[SHANGHAIIST] —  A 20-year-old woman in Nanjing went to the hospital on Monday with her eyes feeling like they were ready to burst out from her skull, following a weekend spent watching 18 episodes of Korean soap operas.

China Daily reports that apart from getting up to eat meals and sleeping, the woman spent nearly all her time hunkered down over her tablet watching her beloved foreign soaps (16 episodes of Cheese in the Trap and two episodes of Descendants of the Sun).

Afterward, she reported feeling a sharp pain in her eyes, as well as blurred vision, redness and a headache. On the next day, she felt even worse and made a visit to the local hospital.

To her surprise, she was diagnosed with acute glaucoma and doctors informed her that had she waited to come in, she could have been nearly blind. [READ MORE]

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