Seth Rogen, James Franco star in movie about assassinating Kim Jong Un

June 13, 2014

By Choi Hyun-soo

"The Interview" poster.

“The Interview” poster.

Movie conglomerate Columbia Pictures has set North Korean leader Kim Jong-un as its main character in its upcoming film, “The Interview,” according to Voice of America (VOA) on Friday.

The $30 million production is getting attention for being the first American film to use the North Korean dictator as a primary subject.

“The Interview” starts with Dave Skylark, host of a talk show, and a producer, Aaron Rapoport, getting an interview with Kim Jong-un, the VOA said.

Upon entering the North to meet the interviewee, the two American protagonists receive a message from the Central Intelligence Agency to assassinate the country’s ruler.

However, the film depicts how the two characters are the least qualified men to ever carry out such a plot.

The movie’s trailer begins with narration saying, “You are entering into the most dangerous country on Earth.” The minute-long teaser shows some comic actions of American actors going through a great deal of trouble during their visit.

A poster for the movie shows serious North Korea’s military images. Phrases like ­ “Don’t trust these idiot Americans” and “The war will begin” in Korean ­ fill up a placard. Along with the two stone-faced Americans in the center, the film features a generous supply of black humor.

The VOA added that “The Interview” stars popular American comedic actors James Franco and Seth Rogen. Randall Park stars as the arrogant, cigarette-smoking North Korean leader.

The film will be released on Oct. 10 in the U.S.