SAT II Korean takers decrease 45 percent in five years

May 7, 2014

The number of test takers signing up for SAT II Korean has decreased 45 percent in five years but the average score is the highest among language subjects, according to the Foundation for Korean Language & Culture.

In 2013, 2,986 people took the Korean subject test, College Board said. The number has been dropping since 2009, when 4,626 took the test. In 2010, it was 4,540; in 2011, 4,273; and in 2012, 3,552.

In contrast, the number of test takers for SAT II Spanish was 22,453, French was 8,635, Chinese with listening was 6,167 and Spanish with listening was 3,868.

But while the Korean subject is getting less takers, the average score, 767, is highest among foreign language subject tests, followed by Chinese at 759, Japanese at 688, Italian at 684 and French at 668.

“Most takers of the SAT II Korean are Korean students, and so there’s a lot of high scorers,” the foundation said. “Korean students familiar with the language can get close-to-perfect scores after studying just two months. It’s an appealing test for those who need a language subject SAT test for college applications.”