Samsung to pre-release Galaxy Note 4 exclusively in South Korea

September 19, 2014
The "Galaxy Note 4." Samsung Electronics plans to roll out the handset for the global market in October. (Courtesy of Samsung Electronics)

The Galaxy Note 4. (Courtesy of Samsung Electronics)

Samsung plans to release the Galaxy Note 4 exclusively in South Korea on September 26th with carriers such as SK Telecom, LG U+ and KT.  The widely anticipated product comes at a critical time when Apple broke into the “phablet” market with the iPhone 6 Plus on September 19, which has so far proven to be a grand departure from previous designs.

Samsung has even gone so far as to openly criticize Apple in their North American television attack ad campaign claiming that the iPhone 6 Plus is merely an imitation of their product.  Analysts anticipate a North American release date to come sooner than expected just as the Samsung Galaxy S5 did with the additional motivation of head on competition.
The iPhone 6 Plus boasts a 5.5 inch screen size with 401 pixels per inch (PPI) while the Note 4 has a slightly larger 5.7 inch screen with better resolution at 515 PPI. Furthermore, the Note 4 houses a much more powerful quadcore 2.7GHz Snapdragon processor.