Samsung smartwatch selling out across S. Korea

October 21, 2015
Samsung Gear S2 (Courtesy of Samsung)

Samsung Gear S2 (Courtesy of Samsung)

By Brian Han

The Samsung Gear S2 smartwatches are flying off the shelves in South Korea thanks to high consumer demand for wearable technology.

Part of the early concern for the product revolved around Tizen, Samsung’s proprietary software that would initially create some limitations for its users. For example, certain apps that are exclusive to the Apple Store would not be available to S2 users.

The Apple Watch made a heavy impression in the same market, but the S2 seems to appeal in its own way.

“The Gear S2 is cheaper than Apple Watch and has earned good reviews in terms of design and weight. Rumors that it might also support iOS are attracting more consumers,” an industry source told Yonhap.

Additionally, Samsung limited its first production run of the smartwatch, which also explains why many stores are selling out.