Samsung introduces new flexible battery ‘Stripe’

October 23, 2015
A photo of Samsung's latest flexible battery technology (Courtesy of Samsung)

A photo of Samsung’s latest flexible battery technology (Courtesy of Samsung)

By Brian Han

Samsung’s latest technological breakthrough comes in the form of a flexible battery that looks more like a bookmark than anything else.

It’s not ready to hit consumer products just yet, but certain aspects of “Stripe” or “Band,” as Samsung calls it, are already far along in the development process.

For example, the battery can withstand up to 50,000 bends meaning that durability and longevity won’t be an issue. This particular quality might hint towards employing the batteries in wearable tech like fitness bands, watches and possibly even in flexible phones for which Samsung has already filed a patent.

“[It] is a next-generation product that was made to target smartwatches,” the tech giant claimed in an official press release. “When the battery is applied on the bands of any smartwatch, it will greatly enhance the battery capacity to over 50 percent.”

The battery can supposedly be built as thin as .3 millimeters.

Samsung is also thinking long term as well with the hopes of integrating these batteries into all types of clothes and accessories.

“Since it is adaptable to various forms – such as a necklace, hairband, t-shirt accessories, and more – it will in result fuel the growth of battery application market including wearables,” the company wrote.