Safety net program for DC Korean American community begins

October 1, 2015

sharing love campaignA new effort to introduce a social safety net for Washington, D.C.’s Korean American community, the Sharing Love Campaign, has begun with the help of the local Korean Community Service Center and the Korea Times.

The campaign aims to provide emergency funds to Koreans who find themselves in financial trouble due to sudden illness, unemployment or other needs.

“There are many suffering from sudden misfortunes in the Korean American community,” said Lee Yang-ho, president of the Korea Times Washington, D.C., bureau. “As neighbors, it’s our duty to help them get back on their feet.”

This is the first program of its kind for the Korean American community in the area.

“This fund is for Koreans who do not get covered under the existing American social welfare system,” said Cho Ji-young, a KASC head who will oversee the program.

The Korea Times plans to open a variety of fundraising events for the program.

“When we gather our sincerity, it becomes a miracle. Small acts of sharing makes for a warm Korean American community,” Lee said.