Sacked Girls’ Generation member singer makes solo comeback

December 2, 2014
(Courtesy of Weibo)

(Courtesy of Weibo)

Jessica Jung, the former member of Girls’ Generation who was fired in October over a conflict with management company SM Entertainment, has released photos of herself performing solo for the first time.

Text accompanying five photos on her Weibo account on Sunday says the singer had watched a boxing match between Philippine champion Manny Pacquiao and American Chris Algieri at the Venetian Macau hotel on Nov. 23. The pictures also show a selfie and a photo of the singer performing on stage with American rapper Ja Rule.

In the text, Jung thanks Reggie Martin, the hotel’s senior manager of special events and sports.

“Rocking it with Ja and watching Manny do his usual winning thing: simply awesome!” adds Jung.

Jung’s relationship with SM Entertainment since 2007 was shattered when the company allegedly banned her from managing her fashion brand BLANC.

She claimed the company treated her unfairly after it had agreed she could run her fashion business.