[PT] Disfigured woman transformed into stunning beauty on Korean reality show

December 7, 2014


(YouTube screen capture)

(YouTube screen capture)


Let Me In (“Me In” is a homonym for “beauty” in Korean) is a Korean reality TV series which features women and men with physical defects going under the knife to be transformed into someone presentable. This is done with the help of plastic surgeons, who each week operate one patient who is then revealed to great fanfare at the end of each episode.

In episode 9 of “Let Me In”, the audience erupted in excitement when the newly transformed Kim Hee-eun was revealed.

In her late 30s, Kim Hee Eun was born with a birth mark on her right cheek caused by swollen blood vessels which causes discolouration. Growing up, the birthmark grew in size and deformed her upper lip and gums as well. Small purplish spots were also present across her right cheek and it made her face disfigured and unpleasant to look at.