Power of Jun Ji-hyun

February 6, 2014

Whatever she wears in “Man From the Star” gets sold out

Cosmetic companies are seeing benefits of product placements through Jun Ji-hyun. (Newsis)

Cosmetic companies are seeing benefits of product placements through Jun Ji-hyun. (Newsis)

They want to be like Jun Ji-hyun.

Jun is currently starring in the drama “Man From the Star” opposite the young heartthrob Kim Soo-hyun, and whatever she wears on the show are selling like pancakes.

One of the most notable beneficiaries is Yves-Saint Laurent, whose No. 52 lipstick barely made it onto the shelves before the customers grabbed it. Ever since Jun was seen wearing it, it sold out late January at the Yves-Saint Laurent cosmetic counter in Shinsegae Gangnam. The cosmetics counter sold 2,577 of them in January.

It’s not only Yves-Saint Laurent. When she wore Iope’s Waterfit Lipstick Forever Pink in January, “The sales of that pink lipstick since January doubled after she appeared in the drama,” said Song Jin-a, brand manager for Iope products for AmorePacific.

In the 14th episode aired Wednesday, Jun featured a strong violet-colored lipstick, the Iope’s “Color Fit Lipstick” No. 23. The lipstick is a mix of violet and pink that complements Jun’s urban sophisticated looks.

The mascara, also a product of Iope, is its “perfection” line that gives the lashes a natural curl yet adds deepness without byproducts. The product’s quality has already been spreading through word-of-mouth by those who have used it. The skin lotion or the toner she used that day is a new product from Hanyul, a sister product under the AmorePacific.

The actress who is also known by the name of Gianna Jun has modeled for numerous products . But the drama’s soaring popularity is gold-coating the items she wears in it.

The “Man From the Stars” is enjoying a spiking ratings, where it has reached 30 percent as of Wednesday.