Poverty must be addressed and recognized

December 3, 2014

This world we know contains some of the most dramatic and chaotic forms of life that we cannot imagine by living in our little bubble. Poverty is one of those issues that must be addressed and recognized.

First, let’s define what poverty actually means. It is not a condition that is created due to laziness, but it is hunger, lack of shelter, and events that are comparable to nightmares. Although the choice is not theirs to make, the children who are born into an underprivileged family must endure gruesome pain. More than forty-five million people (14.5 percent of Americans) are enduring their hunger and living a life of terror not knowing when their next meals would arrive. Right now, there are cries and shrieks that surround the atmosphere pleading for help, but it is inaudible to our ears. We are so focused on the fast developing technologies and comforting situations that we perhaps forget that poverty ever existed.


We may be aware of all those children who need as little as one dollar a day to survive, but we are hesitant because we are the ones who need the most help and support
from others. Well let me ask two questions.

Don’t we have clothes,shoes, money, food, shelter, and education? True, we all go through tough and undesirable conditions that are seemingly insurmountable, but is poverty that easy to abolish? The answer is no. Poverty is a matter that is uncontrollable in our hands. However, there are a myriad of various sponsored programs that reduce the poverty population rate across the globe.

Right now, I am sponsoring a child in Tanzania, East Africa. His name is Ramadhani Swalehe Ramadhani and his main passion for life is to obtain an education and to become a doctor. I am offering as little as thirty-five dollars per month in order to support his health and education. If I did not come across Ramadhani, then his dream may have never been fulfilled because he was carrying baskets of water, gathering firewood, and helping out young kids around his town. Ultimately, we must take action in order to help these neglected youths achieve their dreams and to eradicate poverty little by little.


usarticle03-1 Hyun Min Jang
Woodbridge High School 11th Grade


  1. Jackie

    December 5, 2014 at 3:07 PM

    Great job daniel!!!!!

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