Park Ji-yoon, Ga In, Sunmi to release new songs this month

February 4, 2014


By Kim Ji-soo

Following in the footstep of girl groups, well-known female solo artists will be releasing new works this month.

Park Ji-yoon, 32, will release her new single, her agency said. It will be part of a continuing flow of singles that first started with “Mister Lee” in October. She will release more singles in spring and summer, which will then be made into an album. The signer twittered that she filmed a music video for the single during the Lunar New Year holidays.

Ga In of Browned Eye Girls will today release her third mini-album titled “Truth or Dare.” She has received some collaborative help from fellow musicians including producer/singer Park Jin-young of JYP Entertainment and K-pop queen, Lee Hyo-ri.

Another female solo to watch for this month is Sunmi, a former Wonder Girls member who returned successfully as a solo last year with “24 Hours.” With that single, she presented new dance choreography that won good reviews.

Although not confirmed, the industry is awash with rumors that mega-popular girl group Girls’ Generation will come forward with a new work in February.