Oregon city to open Korean War memorial museum

July 16, 2014
John Lim

John Lim

A Korean War memorial museum will open in Wilsonville, Ore., in September.

A 5-acre memorial park, along with a memorial site, already stands in the city. Former Oregon Senator John Lim, who led the installation of the park in 2001, is one of the driving forces behind the museum.

Lim, an honorary chair of the Korean War Memorial Foundation of Oregon, said Tuesday that construction of the two-story building given to the foundation by the Wilsonville City Council would be completed mid-August.

Items from Korean War veterans will be displayed on the first floor of the museum starting September, he said.

In addition to granting the museum site, the city council also helped remodel the building.

“In an effort to educate American society and second-generation Koreans about the Korean War, we’re planning on adding on to the museum through a five-year project,” Lim said.