Number of Korean immigrants facing deportation on decline

December 17, 2015

By The Korea Times Los Angeles staff

The number of Koreans on trial for deportation by U.S. immigration authorities have been decreasing five years in a row.

According to a recent data from the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse (TRAC) research center at Syracuse University, there were 819 Koreans under trial in the country as of Sept. 30.

That was a 110 percent decrease since 2010, when 1,718 Koreans were on trial.

By state, California came out on top with 282 immigrants, followed by New Jersey (111), New York (101), Virginia (83) and Texas (45).

According to data, 80.6 percent of people put on trial — 660 of them — were accused of violating immigration laws, while 159 were facing charges of criminal offense.

The average period of a trial from beginning to end for Koreans was 840 days, about double the 408 days that broke records back in 2009 and well above the average 643 days for all cases, which numbered over 456,200 as of Sept. 30.

That number has risen, from 168,827 in 2006.

Mexican nationals comprised 28.5 percent of all cases, at 130,425, followed by the Honduras and Guatemala. Koreans came in 35th.