Netflix unveils “Made in Korea” collection

November 27, 2019
넷플릭스 ‘메이드 인 코리아’ 컬렉션 [넷플릭스 제공]

넷플릭스 ‘메이드 인 코리아’ 컬렉션 [넷플릭스 제공]

Netflix Inc., the global internet entertainment service provider, showcased a new collection entirely devoted to South Korean content on Wednesday.

“Made In Korea” allows viewers to select original South Korean content ranging from drama series to variety shows within a single collection, Netflix said.

The new collection underscores Netflix’ recent push to expand its engagement with South Korean film and TV content that can appeal to the global audience.

Netflix said that South Korean content has found fans around the world regardless of language and borders, stressing that each show helps realize the artistic vision of its creators.

In September, Netflix announced several new series in the pipeline, including Kingdom 2 — a returning season of the story about a crown prince who falls victim to a conspiracy in the Joseon dynasty era.

Netflix had an estimated 2 million paid viewers in South Korea as of the end of October, more than doubling from a year earlier, industry data showed.